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From the desk of Lori Avocato

January 4, 2011

From the Desk of Author Lori Avocato

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Hi Readers, Well, the new year has begun. First of all, I want to
wish all of you continued health, wealth and happiness in 2011!I''ve
waited until after the holidays to drop you a note to update you on
my writing. I figured you''d be inundated with email and well wishes
throughout the holiday season and didn''t need anymore email. And, if
Santa brought you a Kindle or any kind of electronic reader, now is
the time to tell you my books are available on Amazon or through my
Website for you to read off of your new present!

I wanted to share with all of you that--after many fan letters of
request--I wrote a 7th novel in The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series. It
is available for purchase from my Website only. Check it out! I had
great fun "reuniting" with Pauline, Jagger, Goldie and the gang. The
new book is called DEAD WEIGHT and takes place in a weight loss
clinic were, you guessed it, more insurance fraud is uncovered by
Pauline and Jagger!

I plan to have an Epilogue available soon.

In the meantime, I am back at working on a new series. A great
series! A series to rival The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series! It is
called "Lethal in Lace" and the first book is "under construction."
The working title is: WICKTORIA''S SECRET. Yes, it is a play on
words. Wicktoria is a Polish woman''s name and, yes, she has a
secret! I''ll keep you posted with updates on my Website. Actually,
you can read an excerpt there right now:

Happy New Year!


Lori believes that: Laughter is the best medicine! As a nurse and writer, she combines the two in her humorous novels....

Selected Works-Click on red title for excerpt

Humorous mystery
The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series Book #1
The first book in The Pauline Sokol Mysteries, A Dose of Murder, is a wonderful medical-world story enlivened by an exceptionally fun and sassy voice. In it, a burned out registered nurse becomes a medical insurance fraud investigator only to be yanked back into the nursing field by an experienced hunk of an investigator who she just can’t say no to--until she stumbles upon two dead bodies.
The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series Book #2
Pauline Sokol, ex-RN turned medical insurance fraud investigator finds herself embroiled in a scam of senior citizens...and Viagra fraud. If that isn’t bad enough, one of the old geezers has fallen for her...and two have mysteriously departed from this world.
The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series Book #3
Ex-RN Pauline Sokol finds herself confined against her will in a psychiatric hospital when she goes undercover to investigate fraudulent brokers who match patients with treatment facilities--for a bounty as high as $4000.00 a head. A master plan of escape ensues when “doctor” Jagger shows up...until the broker is found dead.
The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series Book #4
Blurb: Sailing over the bounty seas is not the ideal case for ex-RN Pauline Sokol who has never been out of New England. But when her sleazy boss, Fabio Scarpello, offers her the chance to work a case on The Golden Dolphin--sailing through the Bermuda Triangle is the least of her problems. Murder, mayhem and a missing nurse take center stage while Pauline is trapped on the ship, her roommate murdered, and Pauline’s name is next on the list.
The Pauline Sokol Mystery Series Book #5
For her latest case, Pauline Sokol is assigned to investigate plastic surgery fraud in swanky Newport, Rhode Island. To get inside the exclusive “spa”, she must go undercover as a private duty nurse. Now all she needs is a suitable well-heeled patient. Luckily, her best friend and colorful co-worker Goldie fits the bill (and the high heels), and he selflessly volunteers for a nose job. Once she’s infiltrated this surgical playground for the rich and spoiled, Pauline discovers that someone in the practice is scamming the insurance companies. More than a few of these jet setters have become addicted to plastic surgery and many of the women’s husbands have refused to pay for any more elective “changes.” So someone is making up diagnoses so the (inflated) costs are covered without anyone being the wiser. A “nose job” has now become a “repair of a deviated septum for better breathing.” But a simple case of semantics soon turns deadly when a male secretary’s body is found floating fifty feet below the jagged ocean cliff. As she struggles to keep herself out of danger, Pauline can’t believe her non-altered eyes when the enigmatic Jagger shows up to at the B&B where she’s staying. But even her hunky cohort can’t keep her safe when a simple case of going under the knife is anything but cut and dried.